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SikaRep Microcrete-4 Ready to use, non-shrink concrete (with the addition of coarse aggregate) with pourable and/or pumpable consistency. To repair and strengthen RC elements such as columns, beams and slabs. 30 kg bag 1.2 kg/ltr (without coarse aggregate). Download PDF
Sika Cracksil Sika Cracksil is a ready to use non-shrink repair mortar for non-moving cracks in plasters and walls providing self-curing and excellent adhesion with substrate both for vertical and horizontal application. For repairing cracks on RCC surfaces, plasters and masonry walls. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications in buildings, toilets, balconies etc. wherever hairine cracks are observed 1 kg 1kg powder covers approx 30-40 metre length of crack for an average groove size 6mm x 6mm (V shaped) Download PDF
Sika Cracksil Acrylic Paste Sika Cracksil Acrylic Paste is a single pack, acrylic based, ready to use putty for filling the crack on internal and external plastered surfaces. Ready to use crack filling paste for internal and external surface cracks 0.5 kg, 1kg Plastic Bucket 1kg covers 40-50 m (for a length of 1m, and joint size 6 mm x 6 mm average) Download PDF

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