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Brushbond Roof guard

High built fiber reinforced acrylic water proof coating for roofing.

  • High built system provides higher dry film thickness of more than 1 mm in three coats.
  • The product can be applied directly on existing sound concrete , brickbat coba ,screed concrete even Without removal
  • No protection screed required eliminating the additional weight due to protection layer
  • Excellent bond to concrete and masonry with UV resistant

Suitable for waterproofing of old and new roofs. Can withstand light pedestrian traffic.

  • 0.5 liter /m2/coat (3 coat application is recommended)
  • 4 and 20 liter containers available in 4 colors : white ,terracotta, grey and green

The contents of brush band roof guard shall be thoroughly stirred for at least 2 mints. Using slow speed drill machine.

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