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Brushbond RFX

High performance elastomeric cementitious waterproof coating .

  • Durable in all climate conditions and UV resistant
  • Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide , chloride and sulphate barriers
  • Allows water Vapor to escape from the structure
  • Good crack accommodation capacity.

To protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gasses, chloride ions, oxygen & water .Brush bond RFX is suitable for all types of structures including those in coastal environments. Also it is suitable for water tanks , reservoirs , drainage culverts, basements and roofs.

  • 12-14 m2 at 1 mm thickness (15 kg powder + 4.8 liter polymer liquid)
  • 4-4.5 m2 1 mm thickness (5 kg powder+ 1.63 liter polymer liquid)
  • 15 kg powder +4.8 liter polymer liquid
  • 5 kg powder +1.63 liter polymer liquid

Nito bond BB is mixed with equal volume of water as per the proportion shown in the table with A slow Speed drill . The powder component is added gradually to the liquid to avoid lump formation And mix for 2-4 mints.

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