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Nitotile EPW Grout

Hygienic, hard-wearing stain-free water-miscible epoxy-resin tile grout

  • Resistant to mild chemicals and acids
  • Solvent-free and can be used in confined areas
  • Non-staining and easily cleaned.
  • Available in a range of attractive colors.
  • Resists bacterial growth.

Provides a stain – free , chemical-resistant ,hard-wearing, tile joint tile joint for areas like:

  • Bathrooms, fountains and swimming pools
  • Factories , workshops and warehouses
  • pharma industry, hospitals and labs
  • commercial and residential buildings
  • 1 kg and 5 kgs containers

300 ml of water is required for each kg container of nitotile grout .Add powder to and mix until a uniform ,lump-free, thick creamy paste is obtained .

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