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Conbextra GP2

Free –flow , high strength ,non-shrink, cementitious precision grout.

  • Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic state .
  • No metallic iron content to cause staining
  • pre-packed material overcomes onsite batching variations.
  • Develops high early strength without the use of chlorides
  • High ultimate strength ensure the durability of the hardened grout
  • Free flow ensures high level of contact with load bearing area.

Used for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static and dynamic loads. It can also be used for anchoring a wide range of fixings.

  • water to powder ratio: pourable =0.17: flow able =0.18.
  • consistency: pourable 12.5: flow able 13.3 yield (liters)
  • 25 kg bags.

The gauge water should be measured and added into the mixture .the content of ConbeXtra Gp2 Should be slowly added and should be mixed continuously for 5 mints.

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