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Cebex 100

Plastic expanding grout admixture for use in cement grouting of voids and honeycombs.

  • Low permeability and contributes to long –term durability of grouts.
  • High fluidity –easy for placement and injection of grouts
  • Gaseous expansion system composites for plastic shrinkage and settlement in cementitious grouts .
  • High early strength development of grouts without the use of chlorides.

Used in cementitious grouts where reduced water / cement ratio and positive expansions are required. Application include cement grouting of voids, ducts and post intentioned ducts, etc.

  • 16-18 m2 at 1 mm thickness (23 kg powder + 4 liter liquid)
  • 4-4.5 m2 at 1 mm thickness (6 kg powder + 1 liter liquid)
  • 225 gms pack

The contents shall be mixed into cement and mixed with required quantity of water using slow speed drill machine.

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